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Financial Markets

What Is a Financial Market?



A financial market is basically a market where individuals trade derivatives and other financial investments at low transaction fees. Some of the derivative products are stock and bonds, currencies, and commodities, which are also referred to as financial instruments in the financial markets. The main aim of any financial market is to facilitate trading and investment for its users. The process of the financial market involves the buying and selling of these financial products at a profit and income. This is done based on the value of the commodity that is being traded. Thus, trading in commodities is very important for the overall economic development.

As far as the concept of the financial market is concerned, the main thing that you should know is that it is very different from the stock market. There are no shares of any company that will be sold to you in the financial market. Also, there is no initial public offer made by any company to sell its shares to the traders. You can only buy or sell from the companies if they go public or put in an offer through a broker. In this regard, some of the companies may actually list their shares in the financial market but will not make an offer directly to traders.

An investor in the financial markets can buy and sell bonds. Bonds are financial products that are issued by government agencies and corporations. Usually, when an investor wants to buy bonds, he will consult a bond broker who will give him details about the bond that he wishes to buy. The bond broker in turn will advise the investor about the interest rate attached to the bond. Sometimes, the bonds will be issuing a coupon and the investor will have to pay a fixed amount of money when purchasing the bond.

Another type of financial market that exists is that of the stock market. People who want to invest in the stock market can either purchase shares of the company or just wait for it to issue dividends. There are also investors in the stock market who just trade in the stock market and are not associated with any particular company. The stock market gives all kinds of investors all sorts of opportunities.

Apart from the stock market, other types of financial markets include commodities and bond markets. Commodities refer to those commodities that people purchase such as oil or gold. Bond markets refer to the securities that people sell such as corporate bonds and municipal bonds. When the investor trades in any of these securities, he will receive money as profit. Usually, when an investor wants to sell his bond, he will inform the seller and will wait for the buyer to pay the seller before making the sale.

Liquidity: The liquidity of investment means how easily the buyers and sellers can obtain and sell the securities. Usually, the liquidity is determined by the current exchange rate. However, the value of the dollar should not be the only determining factor for a financial market as many other factors influence liquidity. liquidity is influenced by the number of assets held by a person, the total number of assets held by a person, and the duration of time that an asset has been in circulation.

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