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Why is Crypto So Volatile?



There are several reasons why crypto is so volatile. These include the lack of a central authority, low liquidity, and speculative fever. Nonetheless, the most common cause is the lack of intrinsic value. This article aims to provide an explanation of these factors. It may be of interest to those interested in cryptocurrencies.

No central authority

Cryptocurrencies’ value fluctuates drastically due to a number of factors. These factors include the fact that there is no central authority controlling their value and the lack of institutional capital. This makes them very appealing to investors, and it is this volatility that has spurred the development of the cryptocurrency industry.

There are also risks associated with the adoption of crypto assets as main national currencies. This is an unwise short-cut and poses significant risks to macro-financial stability, financial integration, consumer protection, and the environment. The adoption of a non-stablecoin as the main national currency is not feasible in most countries, especially those with weak monetary policies.

Low liquidity

A lack of liquidity in a crypto market means that an order to buy or sell an asset cannot be fulfilled quickly. This results in a large difference between the buy and sell price, which means that the trader will pay more spread to cover the difference. As a result, the price of a crypto asset may increase by a significant margin, and this may lead to price volatility.

Another reason for high volatility in crypto markets is a lack of regulation. While the crypto industry has grown rapidly in the last few years, the market is not as mature as traditional assets. This lack of regulation means that a single coin may have high volatility, even though it’s not representative of the market as a whole.

Speculative fever

While cryptocurrency is a relatively new concept, it is still a market, and its prices will fluctuate as more people buy it. Furthermore, the mining process keeps on producing new coins, so the supply of coins changes with demand. This leads to an increase in the price.

The volatility of crypto is a result of speculative fever and the limited supply of coins. This volatility makes crypto extremely risky for real estate investment. The buying power of the currency is critical when making an investment. If you purchase a $5,000 property in crypto, you will risk losing it if it depreciates in value in a few months.

Lack of intrinsic value

Cryptocurrency prices are extremely volatile, and this can be dangerous for the investor. However, this volatility can be a great trading opportunity if you understand how the market works. Although most crypto assets have no tangible value, such as gold or silver, their prices are based on speculation and supply and demand. Many cryptocurrencies have a fixed supply and predictable demand, so predicting volatility in prices can be an excellent way to profit from price fluctuations.

The cryptocurrency market is unlike any other financial market. Since crypto valuations are based on supply and demand, the market is completely unrelated to the usual economic fundamentals. There is no central authority to regulate the market, which makes it volatile and unpredictable. As a result, institutional investors are largely avoiding crypto, leaving individual investors to play a role in crypto markets. However, individual investors rarely hold crypto assets for very long, and institutional investors tend to invest for the long term.

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